Pikked is an alternative football prediction game where you can master the transfer window and use unique boosts to give you extra points towards your score predictions. Pikked is a combination of Fantasy Football and a weekend Premier League accumulator where you can join a league to beat your friends, work colleagues, and even lay siege on the national league. 

The Premier League is the most competitive in the world, therefore, predicting the results of the matches can at times be impossible. Pikked is all about calling the upsets, avoiding the bore-draws and banking on the convincing victories. Nevertheless, a strategy is involved, and the most successful managers will be able to study Premier League fixtures in advance to predict the outcome.

Pikked is the football platform for all, as unlike Fantasy Football, Pikked is simplistic. Users only have to predict the outcome of three results each game-week to play. Get your correct results in the bag and combine this with the right booster, and your points will skyrocket. No longer do you have to worry about transferring players, checking for injuries, or working out when double game-weeks are. Pikked is straight forward, but arguably the most addictive footballing platform of all. 

This new platform has us buzzing here at ZICOBALL, and we will give the lowdown of how to play. 


First of all, you will need to enter your team name on the home screen. Once you’ve done this, you will then pick your kit colour, and the team you support. You will then be entered into the national league and a supporters league for your chosen club. Once you have entered you will then be able to win a host of prizes including two tickets to a Premier League game of your choice. 

To create a league with your friends, click on ‘create league’ and then pass the details on to your close ones. Alternatively, you can enter our league here at ZICOBALL (league code to copy and paste – 932dcb756fe3c036071a683fc2e50052) to see if you’ve got what it takes to beat the most knowledgeable football fans out there (no sarcasm).


  • You can only pick a team once a month. For example, Chelsea have a relatively easy fixture against Brighton on the opening game of the season, yet they also play West Bromwich Albion at the end of the month. You, as the manager, must decide which Chelsea fixture to run with while mapping out the difficulty of other side’s fixtures.
  • The transfer window allows you to bid on other manager’s boosters. Once you have purchased a booster, you can use it on a game-week to maximise your points.
  • Have a lot of the transfer kitty left to spend? You can pick and choose the prices you wish to accept for a booster. Want to help a friend out? Then lower the fee. Don’t like your work, colleague? Refuse all offers.
  • Pikked has more in-game perks than any other footballing platform. Each boost has an unprecedented spin on how you can win extra points. This eclipses the monotonous gameplay in Fantasy Football where users tend to pick the same players after a few weeks into the season.
  • Incorporate your football predictions with online betting. Pikked’s link up with Paddy Power allows you to do exactly that. Whenever you make a prediction, a Paddy Power advertisement will ask you if you want to put your money where your mouth is and make a bet in line with your Pikked prediction.
  • Pikked caters to the casual football fan. Pikked is simple; you just pick the outcome of Premier League football matches. The novice football fan can easily have a punt on who they think may win a match. 


  • Triple points: the most sought-after booster on the game. Your points will get trebled if you play this boost. If you get all your predictions right, watch your score rack up.
  • 2 extra Pikks: This allows you to pick 5 teams instead of 3. Get the extra fixtures correct, and perhaps you’re in for a table-topping treat. 
  • Super draw: One pick to guess which team will draw, get this right and you get an extra 10 points.
  • Points = Goals: Pick your teams, and the games you predict on will earn you points for the number of goals scored in that game. For example, Leeds 5 – 4 Liverpool, you’ll bag 9 points.
  • Substitution: Change your game predictions 24 hours before kick-off.
  • Hand of God: Pick any 3 teams even if you’ve already picked them in the last 30 days.  


Pikked gives a new spin of Fantasy Football. Don’t get us wrong, we love the game, but it feels like their needs something new on the market. Pikked is undoubtedly an interesting alternative to have in your weekend football arsenal for the season.

We love the fact that the competition doesn’t stop in the Pikked gameplay. You can make friends or foes in the transfer market, have a punt on an outsider, or even sloppily guess how games are going to pan out. 

Football is all about fun after all, and Pikked comes with that in abundance. Be sure to check out their website and register for the 2020/21 season. 

Finally, as always, be sure to keep checking out our content here at ZICOBALL.