The Best Football Betting Podcasts: The Top Three in 2024

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What are the best football betting podcasts?

With so many sports Podcasts popping up, we wanted to cut through the noise and plethora of Podcasts on the market and ask the question, what are the best football betting Podcasts in 2024? “They’ll let anyone on a Podcast these days” – something you’ll hear increasingly as the vehicle for audio content becomes more popular by the week.

We’ve plucked out our favourite on offer here at zicoball, detailed the many reasons and ticked boxes, and provided two more alternatives if you fancy a complete overhaul of your current Podcast library.

Bettingexpert Football Betting Podcast – Number 1

Find here: Show on Apple Podcasts or Show on Spotify

The weekly bettingexpert Football Betting Podcast is our number one on the best football betting podcasts list in 2024 for a variety of reasons. It’s fresh, exciting, it’s the new kid(/Podcast) on the block and it’s released every Wednesday on Spotify and Apple and Thursday on YouTube – but that’s not all.

Daniel Jenkins allows Football Editor and Pro Punter, Sam Ingram, who provides all the tips, free reign of the weekend schedule. This means that you’re not going to get a strict line-up where ‘tipsters’ have to study a Premier League game and try their best to shoehorn a tip out of the 90 minutes for the purposes of Podcast content. Sam will often dip into the lower leagues in England which is his speciality, but also provide desirable coverage of the Premier League and the other top five divisions in Europe for the weekend ahead.

It feels like wherever the value is, Sam will find it – a world away from the strict five Premier League televised weekend bets elsewhere. The level of insight and reasoning for each selection is impressive. It’s concise, but offers the perfect depth to leave the listener informed and intrigued.

‘With Your Mate Down the Pub’

Furthermore, the free-flowing conversation makes you feel like you’re with your mate down the pub – other Podcasts don’t quite have that aura about it.

The bettingexpert Football Betting Podcast is the only Podcast on this list that is specifically focused on football betting. The following two have dedicated shows to the sport, but they also share a platform with Horse Racing, NFL, etc. So, if this is added to your library, you know every show is dedicated to football betting.

Dan and Sam will often steer the chat into uncharted waters as far as the early Podcast discussion goes. The opening stages of the show targets a round-up of the most significant, and usually the most abnormal stories from within football, plus betting pschycology, comedic rabbit holes, and even South American Ians (Episode 8). The aim here is for the stories to be informative, quickfire, and cater to an audience far beyond the realms of football betting.

If you’re more video than audio and you’d like to see the show in all its glory, then their Youtube channel has you covered, too. The videos are very well put together, as are the Youtube Shorts which are released and distributed across the bettingexpert Twitter account for each show.

MatchBook Podcast – Number 2

Adrian Clarke and Mark O’Haire feature for Matchbook every weekend with the addition of Miguel Delaney who is drafted in for the special occasions – Champions League nights. All three are clearly very clued up and offer a level of insight rarely caught elsewhere in the sector, deserving their place in our list of ‘what are the best football betting Podcasts?’

Like the bettingexpert Football Betting Podcast, Adrian Clarke is under instructions to dip into the EFL and release the shackles of Premier League betting coverage. That’s a nice touch and spices up proceedings.

Plenty of bets covered, lots of football chat, but, of course, as you’d expect, only bets with Matchbook are covered.

Betfair Podcast – Number 3

Kevin Hatchard is at his absolute best on the Betfair Podcast, driving his ‘top tipping team’ – his words, not ours – to a third place in the rankings. His wit, humour, and knowledge of all-things European football makes this a standout listen for us.

Mark O’Haire features once again and assumes a similar role to that of his Matchbook appearances above. Expect interesting angles across the Premier League and beyond, but it’s worth noting that there are often duplicate selections from Mark for both Matchbook and Betfair. It must be difficult finding enough bets you’re really confident in to send over the airwaves, so that’s no slight on Mark.

To rinse and repeat the above with Matchbook: plenty of bets covered, lots of football chat, but, of course, as you’d expect, only bets with Betfair are covered.

Why add a Football Betting Podcast to your Betting Schedule?

  1. The opportunity to take in knowledge and apply it to upcoming weeks and months in attempt to get ahead of the market
  2. Source of Information
  3. Research into leagues you would often overlook