There’s a newcomer to the party. A football gambling platform that doesn’t offer a Both Teams to Score bet. No First Goalscorer market. No option to lump on a fifteen-fold accumulator. 

This beast is very different. As Football Index differs so much to its competitors in the gambling industry, ZICOBALL has highlighted the ins and outs, as well as certain information sources to get you a step ahead.

Football Index ‘traders’ are unable to gamble on a winning team or outcome of a game. The market which is available to them revolves around individual football players on the platform. Traders can bet on a footballer of their choosing and purchase futures (similar to shares) in said player. The buy price attributed to a player is subject to change with on-pitch performances, and showings away from the field of play in the media.

Similarly to other gambling websites, as expected, there is a possibility of losing money. However, coupled with that possibility is the genuine prospect of profiting from your football knowledge.

Again, Football Index isn’t like your regular bets on a Saturday. Your bet won’t expire after the final whistle. You won’t suffer an acca-ruining penalty decision and see your money lost forever. From the date of purchasing a footballer on the platform, a traders’ bet on that individual player can last a maximum of three years, unless they choose to sell beforehand.

The ongoing daily returns on offer for traders come in the form of Media Dividends and Match-Day Dividends. Every footballer on the platform has a chance of winning dividends each day.

In addition to the daily shot at winning dividends, a footballers price will fluctuate as they perform well or dip out of form. Price rises can prove fruitful if traders can judge when to buy and sell.


Match Day Dividends

The most exciting aspect of the platform. The Match Day Dividends structure has a hint of Fantasy Football to its makeup as footballers rack up scores by executing actions on the pitch. 

For example, if Lionel Messi were to score a last-minute winner for Barcelona, as he so often does, he would claim 45 points for a goal and 35 points for a game-winning goal. See below for the Match Day scoring matrix:

The maximum a player can win in their positional category (DEF, MID, FWD) is £0.08. The player who amounts a total good enough to eclipse all other players playing on that particular day will also win ‘Star Man’, alongside their positional win payout. The maximum payout for a star man is £0.08.

Let’s say that Messi’s last-minute La Liga winner saw him finish at the top of the Match Day scoreboard rankings. He would receive £0.08 for top Forward and £0.08 for Star Man. If a trader had purchased 1000 shares of Messi, they would now collect £160. The dividends will show in a trader’s cash balance and are available to be withdrawn or reinvested into your portfolio. Not bad for a days work. 

See @icebergindex’s graphic below highlighting Benjamin Pavard’s Star Man win on the Bundesliga’s return to action after COVID-19 halted play. It’s essential to be aware of how well a player is suited to the scoring matrix. A better understanding of this will enable a trader to work out if a player is reasonably priced.

@icebergindex is on hand to serve you up Match Day Dividends scoring information after each match day. A must follow to get your head around the scoring matrix.

Star man points breakdown courtesy of @IcebergIndex – Follow on Twitter for similar content

In-Play Dividends (IPD’s)

These beauties are in addition to your Match-Day Dividends. 

Let’s say Messi’s last-minute winner is accompanied by two goals in the first half and an assist in the second. A hat-trick and an assist to his name. Music to the ears of traders who own him. 

Traders are only eligible for In-Play Dividends if the owned shares were purchased in the last 30 days. If traders purchase Messi shares in the 30-day IPD window, the Argentinian will return £0.01 for either an assist or a goal. In this case, traders would receive £0.04 for three goals and one assist. With the 1000 Messi shares sat in your portfolio, traders would earn £40 in IPD’s, alongside the £160 earned through winning ‘Match Day Dividends’. Handsome.

Goalkeepers and defenders aren’t left out of the IPD setup. A goalkeeper’s clean-sheet in the 30-day IPD window returns £0.02. A goal from a Defender also returns £0.02. Not bad if you fancy yourself to pick out a goalscoring defender on a match day.

See the payout chart to see what players are entitled to when competing for Match-Day Dividends. Football Index’s current Match Day Dividends offer differs slightly; however, the image below will give a clearer picture of life on Football Index away from the current global pandemic.

The amount of fixtures held on a Match Day affects the proposed payouts for that day, split into Bronze, Silver and Gold. Remember, any accrued IPD’s are in addition to what’s on offer above.

Media Dividends

A unique selling point of Football Index ensures that dividends are on offer for traders even when there is no football played.

During the pandemic, when football betting had nearly ceased, and Belarus were the only top-flight playing, traders still received daily Media Dividends. 

Media Dividends work by Football Index attributing a score to footballers who are present in media reports on any given day. Each article will produce an individual score based on the buzz-words included in that article.

Harry Kane snatched the Media Dividends on offer on 14th May during the unholy period with no football. The Tottenham and England captain purchased the sponsorship rights of Leyton Orient to display children’s charities on their shirts. What a lovely chap.

Courtesy of @IndexGems – Follow on Twitter for similar media content

Aside from winning hearts around the nation, Kane scooped the biggest prize for the day: £0.05p Media Dividends. The runner up for Media Dividends is entitled to a £0.03 payout, followed by third-place with £0.01. Football Index’s current promotion also pays fourth and fifth place £0.01 each, per share.

If a trader had 1000 shares in Kane, they would receive £50. During a trader’s three-year bet journey, Media Dividends can be won daily and prove to be a potential money-spinner if you can foresee future headlines.


Once you deem yourself ready and understanding of the rules of the game, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to play. Traders can build a portfolio of footballers any way they see fit.

There are numerous ways one can play the game and luckily for you, there is a wealth of experience, advice, and content across social media and the Football Index forum. Today, we’ll be putting individual Twitter accounts in the spotlight which may prove beneficial for any Football Index trader to have in their armoury.

Performance-based purchases

Footballers who can consistently post impressive numbers on the Match Day Dividends scoring matrix. These players will be fighting for the biggest prizes on offer and should be considered.

Don’t be alarmed. @chaser_alpha‘s spreadsheet down there may look somewhat scary to a Football Index beginner. However, it’s packed with useful information.

Encompassing the best Golden Boy creative midfielders and wingers, @chaser_alpha delves into the stats of specific players with the ultimate aim of highlighting their suitability to the Match Day Dividends scoring matrix.

The individual actions within this spreadsheet; successful crosses, dribbles, shots etc. will all have a bearing on a footballers Match Day Dividends score at the end of a match.

Thankfully, we won’t have to spend hours upon hours hunched over Excel as there’s a talented bunch within the Football Index community who distribute their helpful content free of charge.

Courtesy of @chaser_alpha – Follow on Twitter for more regular performance based content

Honourable mentions in terms of beneficial Twitter accounts providing statistics covering player performance: @FIbenman and @FI_KBrown.

@IndexGain is a superb statistic based website which you can use for free or subscribe for premium content. It really is that good.

Youth purchases

Players who are just beginning their career, whom you believe has a big future ahead. Getting on board early may reap the rewards for you later down the line.

Media purchases

Footballers who are likely to cause a stir in the media and compete for the dividends on offer. The kind of players who are regulars on the back pages of the newspapers. Maybe you can foresee a transfer saga or newsworthy streak in the near future?

@MediaFbi‘s twitter account was set up by @FbiTrader. The purpose, to automatically tweet out articles to the Football Index Twitter community which will be scored and registered by Football Index. A handy way to see who is in the media and why.

Courtesy of @MediaFbi/FbiTrader – find both on Twitter for more regular media content

Favourable fixture list purchases

Players from teams who have an appealing set of fixtures coming up. The easier the opposition, the increased chance of goals, assists, and point-scoring on the scoring matrix.

The spreadsheet below, created by fixture guru @MozzFI, and made before the return of the Bundesliga, attributes a rating to those teams deemed to have the easiest fixtures by using current league positions.

Courtesy of @MozzFI – Follow on Twitter for more regular fixture content

Transfer purchases

Buying a player who you think is likely to transfer to a team and have a better chance of competing for Media or Match Day Dividends. Be careful when purchasing a player on a transfer rumour. As I’m sure you’re aware, deals often fall through. You don’t want to be left holding the bag on a twenty-eight-year-old Russian whose Aston Villa links vanish overnight.

So, the perfect player on Football Index is a young media-darling who scores well on the Match-Day performance rankings, with an impending transfer, and a favourable set of fixtures?

Correct. However, finding someone who ticks all of those boxes will be a difficult task. If you manage to find a player who ticks some, you may be onto a winner. 


We cannot stress enough the importance of learning market behaviour before you purchase players on Football Index. A must.

At first, we suggest depositing a small amount. £10 is the minimum deposit. Purchase those footballers which you enjoy watching. See how they fair on Media and Match-Day scoring. Learn why a players price may fluctuate.

Keep your eyes peeled for ZICOBALL’s future Football Index articles as we look to team up with a range of traders in search of more valuable insights.

A lot is happening over at Football Index. You can find them at Football Index or by downloading the app.

@FootballIndex twitter

The #FootballIndex Twitter community can be a source of cracking information. @Indexgems@Icebergindex, @chaser_alpha, @MozzFI, and @MediaFbi / @FbiTrader‘s graphics above can testify to that. 

If you’re a fan of a podcast, check out both @FiGuide and @IRISHFI1. Two fantastic independent information sources for the platform.

But most of all, enjoy the ride and gamble responsibly.

Feature Image: https://www.footballindex.co.uk

Written by @SamIngram_