About Us Here At zicoball

There’s not much to us. So, this about us write-up will likely not be too enthralling – apologies. We’re a small group of writers, data analysts, and your average football nuts dedicated to making zicoball the best it can be. In the simplest terms, our aim here at zicoball is to transform football’s data into a brand of storytelling compelling enough for our readers to indulge in.

Having to digest enormous online datasets at your disposal can often be laborious. After all, the numbers aren’t sexy to most. An Excel spreadsheet and thousands of data points won’t thrill too many of you out there (us not included). Mainly focusing on football betting, The English Football League (EFL) and the wider-reaching stories in football, we’re attempting to flip that on its head. As data engulfs our beautiful game, let’s roll with the xG punches and see where we end up.

Data doesn’t need to be dull.

This website was created by avid EFL-watchers, writers, and professional punters. The lack of English Football League-dedicated sites focused on the underlying numbers drove zicoball’s inception.

Primarily, zicoball will strive to deliver news and information on EFL clubs in the Championship, League One, and League Two. However, the nostalgic stories from yesteryear cannot be overlooked. We may also rear towards transfer news and topics of similar ilk during the season and in the summer. But, the goal will always be to incorporate data and statistics where possible to offer a deeper understanding of the story in front of us.

We appreciate all feedback on our work. If you wish to get in touch, please email us at ballzico@gmail.com. We will, of course, give your message the time it deserves and get in touch.

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About Us Here At zicoball