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Our Betting Tips 1X2 Predictions hub will provide you with the very best handpicked 1X2 bets for the week ahead. The zicoball team has sourced all 1X2 tips on this page, so you can be sure each selection is heavily vetted and researched by professionals.

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Betting Tips 1X2: This Week’s Prediction Today 

Below is our selection of betting tips in the 1X2 market for the upcoming week. The idea is simple: quality over quantity. You won’t find hundreds and hundreds of computer-generated selections like you will on other football betting sites. 

Our focus is on unearthing value football betting selections in the 1X2 market in Europe and further afield, borne from in-depth research and strong reasoning. If you do copy any of our selections, ensure you utilise a sensible staking plan.

Betting Tips 1X2 Predictions: From Madrid to Lincoln

Date Fixture 1X2 Tips B365 Odds
Monday 05/02/24 Brentford vs Man City 2 1.36
Tuesday 06/02/24 Plymouth vs Leeds 1X 2.25
Tuesday 06/02/24 Southampton vs Watford 1 1.53
Tuesday 06/02/24 Bristol Rovers vs Fleetwood 1 1.66
Tuesday 06/02/24 Stevenage vs Reading 1 1.75
Weds 06/02/24 Atletico vs Athletic Club 1 2.00
Weds 06/02/24 Aston Villa vs Chelsea 2 3.10
Friday 08/02/24 Dortmund vs Freiburg 1 1.53
Friday 08/02/24 Marseille vs Metz 1 1.36
Saturday 09/02/24 Luton vs Sheffield United 1 1.70
Saturday 09/02/24 Real Madrid vs Girona 1 1.50
Saturday 09/02/24 PSG vs Lille 1 1.50
Saturday 09/02/24 Watford vs Leicester 2 1.75
Saturday 09/02/24 Wycombe vs Peterborough 2 2.10
Saturday 09/02/24 Lincoln vs Fleetwood 1 1.80

1 = Home | 2 = Away | 1X = Home or Draw | X2 = Draw or Away | 12 = Home or Away

The Best 1X2 Prediction of the Week

Any selections marked in zicoball pink in our Betting Tips 1X2 chart are our best bets of the week. We’ll delve deeper into these selections in this section, providing reasoning and relevant statistics for betting on the specified 1X2.


What is 1X2 Betting?

Betting Tips 1X2 Prediction - zicoball

1X2 betting is a popular form of sports betting, especially in football. It involves predicting the outcome of a match: 1 for a home team win, X for a draw, and 2 for an away team win.

Betting on 1X2 is so popular because it’s straightforward. The 1X2 market is the primary market for all football matches, found at any bookmaker and available to any punter.

Strategies and Tips for 1X2 Betting

As with any betting market, there are many strategies and different ways to approach betting on 1X2. For the conservative bettor, there is the Double Chance option: 1XX2, or 12.

Double Chance

Double Chance betting is a popular strategy in sports betting, particularly useful in football, where three outcomes are possible. This type of bet allows you to cover two of the three possible outcomes in a single bet, thereby reducing risk. 

The three Double Chance options are 1X (home team wins or draws), X2 (away team wins or draws), and 12 (either team wins, no draw). This bet type is especially useful in matches where predicting a clear winner is difficult or when you want to back an underdog while still covering the possibility of a draw. 

The odds for Double Chance bets are usually lower than betting on a single outcome since you’re covering two outcomes, but it offers a higher chance of winning. It’s an ideal choice for conservative bettors or as part of a broader betting strategy to manage risk.

Zicoball will utilise the Double Chance market here in the Betting Tips 1X2 hub, as well as home and away (1 & 2) selections.

Betting on Draws in a 1X2 Prediction

Betting on draws (X) in the 1X2 market in football can be a profitable strategic approach due to the typically higher odds than picking an outright winner (1 & 2). This strategy involves identifying matches where a draw is likely, often between evenly-matched teams.

Consider fixtures where both teams have a strong defence and a less potent attack. Statistical analysis is critical here. Look at past performance, draw frequency, and playing styles to guide any Draw predictions. It’s also important to consider the context of the match, such as league position, motivation, and team news. Since draws are less common than wins, this betting approach requires a careful selection of games and may suit a more patient bettor who is prepared for variability in results.

In the Premier League this season, after 21 fixtures, Brighton presents as the most profitable draw team. They’ve drawn eight of 21, yielding a profit of +12.56 units if applying a flat one-unit stake to the draw market in all 21 matches. Liverpool is the next most profitable, with +9.9 units from 6/21 draws.

The wins will be less frequent, but the returns will be much more noteworthy when betting on draws than favourites and shorter-priced home teams, for example. 

Underdog Betting

Betting on underdogs in a 1X2 prediction can be a high-risk, high-reward strategy. It’s essential to conduct thorough research and understand why an underdog might outperform expectations. Factors to consider when taking such an approach include:

  • The underdog’s recent form
  • Head-to-head record against the favourite
  • Injuries, suspensions and absentees 
  • Team morale
  • Any changes in team management, strategy, or approach

It’s also crucial to analyse the favourite’s weaknesses and potential complacency. For example, is the favourite coming up against an underdog adept at set pieces? Is the favourite susceptible to conceding corners? When betting on an underdog in the 1X2 betting markets, these areas need exploring.

In the DFB Pokal in Germany this season, the tournament witnessed one of its biggest ever giant-killings. Saarbrucken hosted Bavarian giants, Bayern Munich in a match-up expected to potentially get out of hand for the home side, given the gulf in quality between the two and the embarrassment of riches in Munich.

That couldn’t have been any more wrong. Before kick-off, Saarbrucken were available at 60/1 on Betfair to win in 90 minutes, while Bayern were dubbed as 1.04 shots by the same bookmaker. Thanks to a 96th-minute injury-time winner from Marcel Gaus, Saarbrucken recorded their biggest ever scalp to the tune of 2-1. The third-tier outfit would progress to the next round, more than pleasing any underdog bettors sniffing around their services before kick-off. 

Betting on underdogs often offers higher odds and value, but it’s essential to do so selectively and responsibly, balancing the risk with potential rewards. Like betting on draws, this method requires patience and a keen eye for identifying matches where the underdog has a realistic chance of causing an upset.

The Magic of the Cup

For example, imagine a match between a top-level side and a lower-ranked team in the FA Cup. This season, we saw Maidstone United from the National League South pit their wits against Championship outfit Ipswich Town at Portman Road. Ipswich, the hosts, were 1.09 to win (implying a 91.7% probability), while the underdog, Maidstone United, could have been backed at 21.13 (implying a 4.7% chance) on Pinnacle. 

Betting on the underdog means higher potential returns due to these odds. However, it’s crucial to remember that while the payout is larger, the probability of winning is lower. This strategy requires careful consideration of the underdog’s potential to upset the odds.

Despite the shot count being 38-2, George Elokobi’s Maidstone ran out 1-2 victors on the day. A £10 punt on the underdog here paid out £211.30, whilst a £10 bet on Ipswich in a 1X2 prediction was due £10.90.

Favourite Win-Draw-Win Betting

Betting on 1X2 favourites in football revolves around backing teams expected to win. The favoured team has lower odds due to their higher implied probability of winning, which, in turn, translates to lower payouts.

While less risky, betting on favourites requires careful consideration of potential returns against the invested amount. Diversifying bets and not overly relying on favourites can balance risk and possible reward.

Betting on home 1X2 favourites in football can be a sound strategy, too, as teams often perform better equipped with home advantage due to familiarity with the pitch, crowd support, and absence of travel fatigue. 

Important home favourite 1X2 bet tips include:

  1. Analyse Favourite’s Performance: Look at the home team’s record, focusing on their win rate, goals scored and conceded at home.
  2. Be The First to any Team News: Injuries, suspensions, or key players rested can significantly impact a favourite’s performance.
  3. Understanding Context: Matches with higher stakes, like derbies or crucial points for league standings, can influence the outcome.
  4. Managing Risk: While betting on home favourites might seem safer, it’s important to remember that regular upsets can and do happen. 

An Analysis of Premier League 1X2 Betting in 2022/23

Quality, free 1X2 betting tips sourced from professionals – punters who make a living from their selections – are like gold dust. Being profitable in this game takes consistent, shrewd decisions, and it’s no different when betting on the 1X2 market. The key is to unearth value selections where the bookmaker’s pricing is incorrect due to variables that may not be factored into pricing.

What is also critical is to be aware of the 1X2 betting landscape of the previous season as well as the current campaign. Knowing which teams are profitable in the long run and which aren’t can undoubtedly aid a bettor’s outlook when approaching a 1X2 bet prediction.

So, here, we thought we’d provide an outlook into the most popular division in world football when it comes to betting on 1X2: the Premier League.

Which team were most worthwhile siding with? Who should we have avoided? And what outfit had a profitable penchant for a Draw?

Premier League Leaders and Strugglers: Punt The Home 1X2

The 28 victories in Manchester City sky blue were enough to clinch the 2022/23 Premier League title for Pep Guardiola’s men. Arsenal (26) and Man United (23), who finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively, were the next best in the frequency of wins when betting on the 1X2 market in the Premier League.

Guardiola oversaw a club record 32 Manchester City wins in 2017/18. It was a tally matched by the 32 in 2018/19 in the following season. Although City racked up four fewer wins in the 1X2 betting last term, Arsenal could only get within five points of the Citizens. 

To provide an insight into how profitable 1X2 betting can be in the Premier League when approached correctly: if you were to bet on a home win in the 1X2 market in every game last season, you’d have ended the season +30.69 units in profit. With that in mind, one can likely guess how detrimental betting on away 1X2 wins might’ve been. Backing victories on the road totalled a -58.97 unit loss in 2022/23, whilst punting on the 1X2 Draw (-30.97 units) should’ve also been sidestepped. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Down at the bottom, Southampton’s six wins lagged just behind Leeds United’s seven. Although Everton lost fewer matches than Leicester, who were relegated in 18th, the Toffees managed to keep their head above the water thanks to five more Draws. 

Premier League 1X2 Bet Profits: The Bees Buzzing Towards Big Returns

Despite their surge towards the title, betting on City in the 1X2 didn’t prove profitable. If applying flat stakes to a Man City win in all of their 38 matches last season, you’d have vacated the season with a -0.16 unit loss. If doing the same with Arsenal, that’d have been a +6.30 unit profit come the end of the season.

A standout trend in the Premier League in 2022/23 came from the Gunners. Arsenal were a great team to back for punters in the fixture following a victory. The 19/25 wins following a victory would’ve made punters grin from ear to ear if they were switched on to Arsenal’s subsequent dominance after tasting victory early on in the campaign.

Brentford transpired to be the most profitable Premier League outfit when betting on a 1X2 prediction in their favour. A whopping +23.47 units had the Bees as the most profitable top-flight English side last term. Flat-staking Brentford’s 15/38 wins in 1X2 bets earned punters a delectable 61.76% return on investment – not bad.

Aston Villa was another notable Premier League outfit that yielded impressive returns when betting 1X2. A lofty 18/38 wins in the 1X2 betting market last campaign allowed Ollie Watkins and Company to yield +12.26 units to anyone who flat-staked every Aston Villa fixture.

The Least-Profitable Sides: 1X2 Betting Not Favouring The Blues

Backing Chelsea to win each game last season was the worst decision you could’ve made regarding 1X2 predictions. That decision would’ve dented a punter’s betting bank to the tune of -19.40 units. The 1X2 betting market wasn’t kind to the Blues, but you could’ve made a pretty penny (+20.23 units) betting on their opponents in the 1X2. 

European Champions West Ham had a season to remember on the continent. It was a campaign to reflect for all the wrong reasons if you were privy to a 1X2 bet on The Hammers. The not-so-lucrative -12.46 units punting on West Ham on the nose wasn’t quite as detrimental as Chelsea’s 2022/23 season, but it wasn’t too far off.

Don’t forget the X in 1X2 betting: Prosperous in the Toon

It’s not for everyone, and it’s a tricky betting angle to master, but the Draw in successful 1X2 predictions can be a highly lucrative betting strategy. Newcastle (19.31), Burnley (15.18), and Brentford (12.29) were the three most profitable teams in 2022/23 when predicting the Draw in the 1X2. 

Bournemouth (-15.63) was edged out by Spurs’ -16.59 units as the least worthwhile team to bet on a Draw when making a 1X2 prediction last term. Only Manchester City (5) recorded fewer Draws than Spurs and the Cherries (6) in 2022/23.

When will zicoball update This page?

The Betting Tips 1X2 Prediction hub will receive a significant update each Monday, looking ahead to the following week. 

As with all of our football betting pages here at zicoball, we’ll also update this page daily with the latest, shrewdest 1X2 predictions and tips for today, tomorrow and the weekend.

Safer Gambling

Remember, while 1X2 betting can add an exciting dimension to watching sports, it carries risks. Always approach betting as a form of entertainment rather than as a way to make money. Make informed decisions and bet responsibly.